Class Feed

A modern class forum

The home base for all of your course Q&A, announcements, polls and discussions.

1. Efficient Q&A

Students can ask questions in the class feed for their classmates and instructors to answer. Instructors can create discussion posts and easily share important announcements.

Replaces: LMS forums, Piazza

Incentivized and tracked participation

Students are rewarded with reputation points when they answer classmates’ questions and receive upvotes on their questions and answers.


Students can post anonymously to the class feed if instructors choose to enable this option. Instructors can customize the anonymity level in their course.

2. Polls

Create polls just like you create questions. Customize response optionses and the length of a poll to see results later or get real-time feedback.

3. Notes

Instructors can post notes for everyone in the course to see. These notes can be pinned to the top of the feed and sent via email to students.

4. Powerful editor

Our editor supports markdown, LaTeX, and code syntax highlighting. It’s powerful, modern, and built with today’s college courses in mind. (Here’s a guide to using LaTeX in Campuswire.)

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