About us


About us

We’re on a mission to optimize the world’s teaching and learning. We're assembling a world-class team of engineers, designers, pedagogists and more to solve problems in teaching and learning.

Our Team

We're a team of engineers, teachers, learners, and builders based in New York City. We come from different backgrounds but share a common dedication to improving the universal teaching and learning experience.

Tade Oyerinde

Founder & CEO
Leeds University & Embry-Riddle

Tim Routowicz

Lead Software Engineer
University of Michigan

Brian Smith

Growth Strategist
Columbia University

Sanna Sharp

Growth Strategist
American University

Waqas Aslam

Software Engineer
University of Punjab

MaoLei Tang

Software Engineer

Duong Nguyen

Product Manager
University of Pennsylvania

Sara Abbadi

Academic Technology Specialist
University of Waterloo


King of the Pride Lands
Pride Rock Univeristy

Student design team

At Campuswire, we believe that the best way to understand our users is to work with them and learn from them. That’s why we hire some of the most talented students to help us understand the needs of our users and execute strategies to improve our product.

Quin Koether

Columbia University
Summer '19

Aarti Kheskani

New York University
Summer '19

Nell Jones

Duke University
Summer '19

Alex Choi

University of Chicago
Summer '19

Savannah Ardrey

Stanford University
Summer '19

Varun Kadikar

UC Berkeley
Summer '19

Amy Li

Brown University
Summer '18

Chris Quazzo

Yale University
Summer '18

Jesse Doppelt

Duke University
Summer '18

Kate Andre

Princeton University
Summer '18

Leenah Alfalih

Stanford University
Summer '18

Lia Kiam

Harvard University
Summer '18

Our investors

We’re backed by a group of world-class investors who support our vision for the future of education.

  • Bloomberg
  • Precursor
  • betaworks
  • City Light

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