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Why we built Campuswire

Every class can be a collaborative community

Students learn better when they work together to grasp complex concepts and share understanding. Campuswire makes collaboration the default mode of learning in your class.

That’s why instructors, students and TAs Campuswire
Dillon Chen
Student at UPenn

“For me the cool thing about Campuswire is that it’s as easy to use as the tools we use every day like Snap and Instagram. I think that’s why students tend to be more engaged and spend more time on there than on Piazza where I would go, post a question and immediately close it. I think because students use it more, questions tend to get answered faster.”

Noah White
Calculus Instructor at UCLA

“Campuswire has allowed me to consolidate all my communication for a class into one place. I love that it combines q&a with direct messaging. It feels natual and pleasant to use and like I'm just continuing where I left off with my students in the classroom. I can see it becoming an indispensable part of how I run my courses in the future.”

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