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Campuswire replaces your discussion board and clicker with a single platform that optimizes Q&A, discussions, office hours and active learning.
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1. Class Forum

1. Class Forum

Q&A, announcements and course discussion that just works.
Replaces: LMS forums, Piazza, Packback

“Campuswire’s forum is amazing, so students actually use it without being coerced. So I end up spending less time answering student questions because they answer each other’s.”

Noah White, Math professor at UCLA

2. Chatrooms

2. Chatrooms

Real-time chatrooms for organized and engaging class discussions
Replaces: Email, Slack, Messaging apps

“We made this class an email free class. Once the students started using it, they really liked it. They got their questions answered a lot faster.”

Pamela Meyerhofer, Statistics TA at Cornell

3. Lectures

3. Lectures

Seamlessly implement active learning and take attendance in one click.
Replaces: iClicker, TopHat, Poll Everywhere

4. Live Sessions

4. Live Sessions

Host virtual office hours, review sessions, and even lectures, at anytime, from anywhere.
Replaces: Zoom, Hangouts

Engage your class and and save time

2.4Hours per week

Average amount of time instructors and TAs report saving after switching to Campuswire.


Average time it takes for a student's question to be answered by a peer on Campuswire.


Average views per question posted on the class forum.

You’re in good company

Tens of thousands of professors, TAs and students use Campuswire to optimize their teaching and learning every single day.

A shoutout to the good folks at @campuswire, which you can think of as a Piazza replacement. Won't fix all the issues w/ the forum mode, but much better interface, super-responsive people, product-based business model, and much more. Used this summer, will again this semester.

*CS professor at Brown University

Robert Talbert

Mid-season MVP for my online precalculus class is @CampuswireHQ. I used to be all aboard Team Slack for online courses, but CampusWire is IMO miles better for teaching. Students love it and are using it like gangbusters.

*Math professor at Grand Valley State University

Nick Byrd

I just demoed @CampuswireHQ, a platform that aims "to bring course communication into the 21st century" by "streamlin[ing] Q&A, announcements and discussions". It feels like what LMSs could be if they were as good as @Twitter, @Dropbox, and their ilk. (link: https://campuswire.com) campuswire.com

*Philosophy Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University

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