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  • Live Sessions (video calls)
  • Active learning polling (digital clickers)
  • Attendance taking
  • Backchannel chat
  • Student gradebook
  • Powerful insights on class activity

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Choose how many students there are in your class and how you want to pay for Pro. We offer two methods to pay for Pro.

Each student will pay $19.99 per term for a Pro license. Students only need one license, regardless of how many classes they're taking.

Frequently asked questions

Will Campuswire's Basic plan always be free?

Yes. Our Basic plan will be free forever, until the end of time, ad infinitum.

How can I pay for Pro?

There are two ways to purchase Pro licenses: 1) student-pay and 2) department-pay. If an instructor elects for student-pay, each student in their Campuswire course must purchase a Pro license, for the current term, to access the class on Campuswire. If the instructor were to select department-pay, they would be asked to enter credit card details to bulk purchase licenses for all of the students in the class.

Do students need a Pro license for each class they're a part of?

No. Pro licenses are per term, not per class. Students only need to purchase a single Pro license, regardless of how many Pro classes they're a part of.

Do instructors or TAs need Pro licenses?

No. Pro is free for instructors and TAs.

Why did you choose this business model?

Here is an in-depth look at our approach to monetization.

The short version is: 1) we don't want to sell adverts, 2) we don't believe in selling or monetizing student data and 3) we want to build our business around the needs of faculty and students, which we believe requires that faculty be the purchase decision-makers. The arc of a business' focus, in the long run, will always bend towards serving its revenue decision decision-makers.

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